Drat the Cat (Schafer-Wallach) live Broadway CDR Gould-Warren


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1. Overture and Drat! The Cat!
2. My Son, Uphold the Law
3. Holmes and Watson
4. She Touched Me
5. Wild and Reckless
6. She’s Roses
7. Ballet: Ignoble Theft of the Idol’s Eyes
8. Dancing with Alice
9. Drat! The Cat! (reprise)
10. Purefoy’s Lament
11. A Pox Upon the Traitor’s Brow
12. Deep in Your Heart
13. Money, Money (dialogue)
14. Let’s Go
15. It’s Your Fault
16. Ballet: The Upside-Down Thief
17. Today Is a Day for the Band to Play
18. I Like Him
19. Justice Triumphant


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