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1. You can’t be true dear

2. The night has a thousand eyes

3. Quicksilver

4. With my eyes wide open I’m dreaming

5. Music! music! music!

6. It’s so nice to have a man around the house

7. Hold me, hold me, hold me

8. There never was a baby like my baby

9. How will he know

10. Shrimp boats

11. More! more! more!

12. I’ve got a feeling you’re foolin’

13. Did anyone call

14. Frankie

15. Beware

16. If someone had told me

17. To be loved by you

18. The world has a promise

19. Tattered and torn

20. Dancing on the grapes

21. Diamond mine in Madagascar

22. Crazy he calls me

23. Say you’ll wait for me

24. I don’t care

25. Two other people

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