Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up?


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1.Overture — Orchestra

2.Prologue — Russ Thacker, Company

Get Ready, Eddie

3.The Greatest Gift — Patti Hoffman, Ensemble

4.Little Fat Girls — Eileen Blackman, Russ Thacker

5.It’s the Nuns — Ensemble

6.Cookie Cutters — Carol Estey, Eileen Blackman

7.Queen of the May — Ensemble

8.Patron Saints — Max Showalter, Russ Thacker, Ensemble

9.Private Parts — Max Showalter, Ensemble

10.How Far Is Too Far — Ensemble

11.Patent Leather Shoes Ballet — Company

12.Entr’acte — Orchestra

13.Doo-Wah-Doo-Wee — Louis DiCrescenzo, Company

14.I Must Be in Love — Russ Thacker

15.Friends, the Best of — Eileen Blackman, Russ Thacker

16.The Greatest Gift (Reprise) — Patti Hoffman, Eileen Blackman, Max Showalter, Russ Thacker

17.Mad Bomber — Don Stitt, Susan Fletcher, Ensemble

We’re Saving Ourselves for Marriage

18.Late Bloomer — Russ Thacker

Prom Montage

19.Friends, the Best of (Reprise) — Eileen Blackman, Russ Thacker

20. Thank God — Company

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Alaric Jans, James Quinn


Alaric Jans, James Quinn




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