DeSylva Henderson Brown Revisited 2 Bagley Loudon Whiting


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Rare CD now cdr

1. Good For You, Bad For Me (Dennis Deal Singers)

2. Maybe This is Love (Ann Hampton Callaway)

3. The Song I Love (Mary Cleere Haran)

4. Here I Am (Dorothy Loudon)

5. Wasn’t It Beautiful (The Patios)

6. Let’s Take Advantage of Now (Margaret Whiting)

7. Here Am I Broken Hearted (Sandy Stewart)

8. George White Scandals of 1936 Medley (Dorothy Loudon, Arthur Siegel)

9. Cigarette (The Patios)

10. I Long to Belong to You (Mary Cleere Haran)

11. Ladies and Gentlemen, That’s Love (Ann Hampton Callaway)

12. I Don’t Want to Be President (The Patios)

13. So Blue (Dorothy Loudon)

14. Let’s Call it a Day (Mary Cleere Haran)

15. What D’Ya Say (Ann Hampton Callaway)

16. Straw Hat In The Rain (The Patios)

17. I’d Like You To Love Me (Sandy Stewart)

18. Say (Arthur Siegel)

19. Turn on the Heat (Dorothy Loudon)

20. Come to Me (Mary Cleere Haran)

21. Crest of a Wave (The Patios)

22. To Know You is to Love You (Ann Hampton Callaway)

23. It’s Great to be Alive (Margaret Whiting)

24. Sunny Side Up (Dorothy Loudon and Chorus)


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