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This 2003 recording is long oop


s the bonus tracks include Walter Cronkite and been a long day reprise organization man and secretary is not a toy sung by Frank loesser how  in jazz I believe in you and brotherhood of Man by j.j. Johnson 1 cd interview with Robert Morris and Charles Nelson Reilly 1 cd

1. Overture — Orchestra
2. How to Succeed — Robert Morse
3. Happy to Keep His Dinner Warm — Bonnie Scott, Claudette Sutherland
4. Coffee Break — Charles Nelson Reilly, Claudette Sutherland, Chorus
5. The Company Way — Sammy Smith, Robert Morse
6. The Company Way (Reprise) — Charles Nelson Reilly, Chorus
7. A Secretary Is Not a Toy — Paul Reed, Charles Nelson Reilly, Mara Landi, Chorus
8. Been a Long Day — Claudette Sutherland, Bonnie Scott, Robert Morse, Chorus
9. Grand Old Ivy — Rudy Vallee, Robert Morse
10. Paris Original — Bonnie Scott, Mara Landi, Claudette Sutherland, Ruth Kobart, Women’s Chorus
11. Rosemary — Robert Morse
12. Finaletto Act One — Robert Morse, Bonnie Scott, Charles Nelson Reilly
13. Cinderella, Darling — Claudette Sutherland, Mara Landi, Bonnie Scott, Women’s Chorus
14. Love from a Heart of Gold — Rudy Vallee, Virginia Martin
15. I Believe in You — Paul Reed, Robert Morse, Men’s Chorus
16. Brotherhood of Man — Robert Morse, Sammy Smith, Rudy Vallee, Ruth Kobart, Chorus
17. Finale — Bonnie Scott, Robert Morse, Company
18. Dear Reader — Walter Cronkite (Bonus)
19. You Have Alertly Seized Your Opportunities — Walter Cronkite (Bonus)
20. Been A Long Day (Reprise) — Jeff Blumenkrantz, Ronn Carroll, Luba Mason (Bonus)
21. How To (Reprise) — Women (Bonus)
22. So You Are Now A Vice-President — Walter Cronkite (Bonus)
23. How To Handle A Disaster… — Walter Cronkite (Bonus)
24. By This Time, You Are A Seasoned Executive… — Walter Cronkite (Bonus)
25. Organization Man — Frank Loesser (Bonus)
26. A Secretary Is Not a Toy — Frank Loesser (Bonus)
27. I Believe in You — J.J. Johnson (Bonus)
28. Brotherhood of Man — Woody Herman And His New Thundering Herd (Bonus)
29. Getting The Part — Robert Morse (Bonus)
30. “I Believe In You” — Robert Morse (Bonus)
31. “The Company Way” — Robert Morse (Bonus)
32. The Audition — Charles Nelson Reilly (Bonus)
33. “Finaletto” — Charles Nelson Reilly (Bonus)
34. “Coffee Break” — Charles Nelson Reilly (Bonus)


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