Contemporary Broadway Ben Bagley cdr


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1.The Kid Herself — Judy Gilmer and the Boys

2.The Room Is Filled With You — John Reardon

3.A Horse Named Margaret — Katharine Hepburn

4.Please, Sir — Fay De Witt

5.Growing Older — Alan Arkin

6.Sweet River — Margaret Whiting

7.All My Friends Have Gone to California (Kander/Ebb) — Anthony Perkins

8.The Girls Who Sit and Wait — Fay De Witt

9.Wine and Peaches — John Reardon

10.I Hate Spring — Katharine Hepburn

11.Who Would Have Dreamed — Diane Carnevale

12.What a Wonderful Way to Die — Alan Arkin

13.Love Is Not a Sentiment Worthy of Respect — Kaye Ballard

14.Here I Come — Helen Gallagher

15.Merry Little Minuet — Katharine Hepburn

16.The Only Game in Town — Judy Gilmer

17.Ten Percent — Mark Sendroff

Loopin’ The Loop — Susan Stroman and Jan Newberger

18.You Could Hurt Me — K.T. Sullivan (BONUS)

19.Earthly Paradise — Patricia Hoag (BONUS)

20.Phonograph — Harvey Schmidt (BONUS)

21.Where Do I Go from Here? — Diane Carnevale, Robert Marks (BONUS)

22.I’m Going To Wear Your Love — K.T. Sullivan (BONUS)


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