Come Summer (Holt-Baker Demo Babes in Woods(Besoyn)Demo CDR


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Come Summer Song List:

Think Spring

Wild Birds Calling/Goodbye My Bachelor

Backdoor Man (Cut)

The Factory Song (Cut)

Come Summer

The Road to Hampton (Cut)

Mortals Poor/Little New England Town (Cut)

Let Me Be (Cut)

Feather in my Shoe

The Loggers Song (Cut)

Little New England Town Reprise/Woman All Skin and Bones (Both cut)

Fine, Thank You, Fine

Let Me Be Reprise/Birch Bark Boat (cut)

How Far Away is Far Away?

Adulterated (Cut)


So Much World

Come Summer Reprise


Babes in the Woods Song List:

This State of Affairs

Gossip Song

Moon Madness

Babes in the Woods

A Hekena Solution/Manage a trois

The Alphabet Song


(Vocals by Cast Members: Ruth Buzzi, Don Stewart, and Danny Carroll)

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