Cole Porter Revisited Vol. 5




1. It All Belongs to You (from the film Break the News) – Sandy Stewart, Arthur Siegel, Ann Hampton Callaway
2. When Love Comes Your Way (from Jubilee) – Julie Wilson
3. Should I Tell You I Love You (from Around the World in Eighty Days) – Sandy Stewart
4. Between You and Me (from Broadway Melody of 1940) – Arthur Siegel
5. Under the Dress (cut from Silk Stockings) – Ann Hampton Callaway
6. You’ve Got Something (from Red, Hot, and Blue) – Julie Wilson
7. Who But You? (cut from Red, Hot, and Blue) – Sandy Stewart
8. Love Me, Love My Pekinese (from Born to Dance) – Ann Hampton Callaway, Arthur Siegel
9. When a Woman’s in Love (written for Mississippi Belle, unproduced)- Julie Wilson
10. Rap Tap on Wood (from Born to Dance) – Tommy Tune
11. Love ‘Em and Leave ‘Em (party song) – Ann Hampton Callaway
12. Close (cut from Rosalie) – Sandy Stewart
13. There’s a Fan (cut from Leave It To Me) – Julie Wilson
14. That’s Why I Love You (cut from Fifty Million Frenchmen) – Arthur Siegel, Sandy Stewart
15. I Gaze in Your Eyes (music by Ms. Callaway; lyrics by Mr. Porter) – Ann Hampton Callaway
16. They Ain’t Done Right By Our Nell (from Panama Hattie) – Julie Wilson
17. What is That Tune (from You Never Know) – Sandy Stewart
18. When My Baby Goes to Town (from Something for the Boys) – Arthur Siegel
19. That’s What You Mean to Me (cut from Mexican Hayride) – Ann Hampton Callaway
20. Look What I Found (from Around the World in Eighty Days) – Sandy Stewart
21. I’ve Got Some Unfinished Business with You (from Let’s Face It) / Revenge (dropped from Let’s Face It) – Arthur Siegel, Ann Hampton Callaway
22. Weren’t We Fools (written for Fanny Brice) – Julie Wilson
23. Please Don’t Monkey With Broadway (from Broadway Melody of 1940) – Tommy Tune
24. Please Don’t Make Me Be Good (cut from Fifty Million Frenchmen) – Sandy Stewart
25. So Near and Yet So Far (from You’ll Never Get Rich) – Julie Wilson
26. Blue Hours (cut from Paris) – Ann Hampton Callaway, Sandy Stewart
27. Something to Shout About (from Something to Shout About) – Arthur Siegel, Sandy Stewart, Ann Hampton Callaway


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