Cole Porter Revisited Vol. 3 Painted Smiles




1. Wake Up and Dream (from Wake Up and Dream) – Nancy Grennan and Chorus
2. Find Me a Primitive Man (from Fifty Million Frenchmen) – Elaine Stritch and Les Boys
3. I Like Pretty Things (written for Mississippi Belle, unproduced)- Georgia Engel and Girls
4. Make a Date With a Great Psychoanalyst (from Let’s Face It) – Helen Gallagher
5. Baby Let’s Dance (from La Revue Des Ambassadeurs) – The Darktown Strutters
6. What Are Little Husbands Made Of (cut from Let’s Face It) / Why Marry Them? (from Gay Divorce) – Lynn Redgrave
7. I’m in Love (from Fifty Million Frenchmen) / You’re in Love (from Gay Divorce) – Georgia Engel and Chorus
8. You’re Too Far Away (from Nymph Errant) – Dolores Gray
9. A Lady Needs a Rest (from Let’s Face It) – Lynn Redgrave and Girls
10. Her Heart Was in Her Work (cut from Can-Can) – Arthur Siegel, Lynn Redgrave
11. Who Would Have Dreamed? (from Panama Hattie) – Dolores Gray
12. I Want to Be Raided By You (from Wake Up and Dream) – Lynn Redgrave and the Girls
13. I Wrote a Play (from Seven Lively Arts) – Arthur Siegel
14. Prize Guy of Guys (cut from Les Girls) – Helen Gallagher
15. What Am I to Do? (from The Man Who Came to Dinner) – Lynn Redgrave
16. When Love Beckoned (from Du Barry Was a Lady) – Elaine Stritch
17. Pretty Little Missus Bell (cut from Seven Lively Arts) – Georgia Engel and the Boys
18. It’s Just Yours (cut from Mexican Hayride) – Lynn Redgrave, Arthur Siegel and Chorus


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