Clues to a Life – Alec Wilder – Original Off-Broadway Cast – Palitz/Wilder


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This show is a revue of the songs of Alec Wilder (1907 – 1980).

1.Overture — Instrumental

2.The Echoes of My Life — Christine

3.Photographs — D’Jamin

That’s My Girl — Keith, Craig

4.Unbelievable — Craig

5.Give Me Time — Christine

6.It’s So Peaceful in the Country — Keith

7.Where Is the One? — Christine, D’Jamin

Don’t Deny — Craig

Moon and Sand — D’Jamin

8.Where Is the One? (reprise) — Company

I’d Do It All Again — Keith

I’ll Be Around — Company

While We’re Young — Christine

9.Night Talk — Keith

10.A Long Night — D’Jamin

11.Blackberry Winter — Keith

I’ll Be Around (reprise) — D’Jamin

12.Trouble Is a Man — Christine

13.You Wrong Me — Christine, Craig, D’Jamin

The Worm Has Turned — Christine, Craig, D’Jamin

14.Ellen — Keith

15.Did You Ever Cross over to Snedens? — Craig

Mimosa and Me — Christine

16.I See It Now — Keith, Christine

While We’re Young (reprise) — D’Jamin

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Marty Palitz, Alec Wilder




Christine Andreas, D'Jamin Barlett, Keith David, Craig Lucas




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