Clownaround (Moose Charlap) Rare – First Time on CD!


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Clownaround is a funny kind of musical for the entire family that is based on the subject of fools, jesters and clowns. The delightful show is performed by a singing, dancing company of over seventy clowns and columbines.


Two years ago, Alvin Cooperman brought the concept for the show to his riend, composer Moose Charlap, whose musical talents were responsible for Peter Pan. He was fascinated by the material, and together they completed the music and lyrics for this new kind of arena musical.


Clownaround entertains everyone, young and old alike with its freshness, its zaniness and its total enjoyability. It is a musical adventure which takes you into the world of clowns – that magical, musical laugh-filled and slightly distorted mirror of the real world that moves on its bent axis around the first corner of the universe. Its light is a reflection of the sun bouncing off small handmirrors used by pretty ladies. Its moon is the light atop the Empire State Building. Its culture is made of our dreams, our faults and our wild oats, all of which we see so clearly in clowns but rarely ever see in ourselves. As you journey through this musical adventure into the world of clowns, you will feel and see and laugh and sing and, occasionally, taste the salt of a tear while watching them perform in our motlied reflection.


When the show was completely written, Cooperman and Charlap played it for the one man whose personality, experience and talent would take concept and music and lyrics and weave them into a tapestry of family entertainment to be enjoyed by one and all – and that man was Gene Kelly. He took the material and Sean Kenny’s clown machine and added his particular brand of genius to give us Clownaround. 



LYRICS BY Alvin Cooperman 

MUSIC BY Moose Charlap 

ORCHESTRATIONS BY Jack Elliott and Allyn Ferguson 




1 Clowns 4:28 

2 You’re a Clown 2:52 

3 Here Are Your Children 2:28 

4 Silhouette (Paper Heart) 3:46 

5 Animal Band 4:47 

6 Balloon 4:08 

7 Thingamajig 3:28 

8 Laugh Song 3:20 

9 Sunny Day 4:25

10 I Need a Ship 3:58 

11 Clown Alley 1:43 

12 Clowns Say Goodnight (But Not Goodbye) 2:19

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