Climbing High starring Jessie Matthews (DVD) A Great 1930s British Film! A Must-See!!


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Although not really a musical there is a lengthy (somewhat left-of-center) musical sequence where Jessie does manage to sing. CLIMBING HIGH is really a comedy first-and-foremost and, as such, Jessie has a chance to show off her (solidly) splendid comedic talents and prowess. She is every bit as charming in this film as ever and is a constant delight throughout the enterprise. There are several scenes in the movie that are among her best, especially those scenes where she first encounters her leading man. And there is a lengthy set piece involving the entire cast and some nifty “could-only-happen-in-the-films” effects there and some more later on a snowy mountain top as well. It is 1938 and this is Jessie’s last film of the 30s (and her last film before WWII begins.) Her career was never the same after the war and 1944’s CANDLES AT NINE (Jessie’s last starring role) is poor by comparison to her “golden era” in the 30s. 


Alistair Sim is a laugh-riot in this one – and I have never really found him much of a riot at all – but he understands his character well here and uses his decidedly odd face and demeanor to great advantage. His performance is very funny indeed. 


One of the greatest stars to have ever graced this earth, Jessie Matthew’s CDs, that is to say, her music, are rarely off our CD deck here at Footlight Records. When most of her available film titles were re-released last year we were thrilled beyond the telling of it. We are thrilled today to offer a couple of her DVD titles to you!


Wealthy Nicky (Michael Redgrave) finds himself engaged to gold-digger Lady Constance (Margaret Vyner), but he really loves scatty model Diana Castle (Jessie Matthews). Complications, slapstick and mountaineering are the result. 


NTSC/Region 1 (Will play on all American DVD players.) 

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