Chip Deffaa’s Irving Berlin Duets 29 many unrecorded


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1. A Couple of Swells

2. In a Cozy Kitchenette Apartment

3. Alice in Wonderland

4. I Love to Quarrel with You

5. I Hate You

6. You’re Just in Love

7. Do It Again

8. We Have Much to Be Thankful For

9. There’s Something Nice About the South

10. Some Sunny Day (feat. Michael Townsend Wright)

11. The Schoolhouse Blues

12. The Circus Is Coming to Town

13. Say It with Music

14. Simple Melody/Musical Demon

15. I Wonder

16. The New Moon

17. Settle Down in a One-Horse Town

18. I’ll Take You Back to Italy

19. Just One Way to Say I Love You

20. Furnishing a Home for Two

21. Always

22. Somebody’s Coming to Our House

23. Wasn’t It Yesterday? (feat. Joan Jaffe)

24. A Couple of Song and Dance Men

25. I Love a Piano

26. When the Curtain Falls

27. Oh How I Hate to Get up in the Morning

28. This Is the Army, Mr. Jones

29. Gee, I Wish I Was Back in the Army


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