Children of Eden Steven Schwartz rare London cast CDR 1980


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Act I
Let There Be – Father and Angels
The Naming – Father, Adam, Eve, Animals and Angels
The Spark of Creation – Eve
In Pursuit of Excellence – Snake and Eve
A World without You – Adam
The Expulsion – Father, Adam, Eve and Angels
Wasteland – Angels
Lost in the Wilderness – Cain and Abel
Close to Home – Adam, Eve and Abel
Children of Eden – Eve and Her Children
Act II
Generations – Ham and Company
Degenerations – Father, Noah and Civilised Society
Shipshape – Shem, Ham, Aysha and Aphra
The Return of the Animals – Noah’s Family and Animals
Stranger to the Rain – Yonah
In Whatever Time We Have – Japeth and Yonah
The Flood – Antediluvian Mankind
What Is He Waiting For? – Noah’s Family
Children of Eden (Reprise) – Yonah
The Hardest Part of Love – Noah
Ain’t It Good? – Mama Noah, Her Family and Angels
In the Beginning – Company


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