Billy Noname


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Original Cast Recording starring Donny Burks, Alan Weeks, Hattie Winston and Urylee Leonardos.

Music & Lyrics by Johnny Brandon.


17 Tracks total:


1. King Joe – Donny Burks

2. Billy Noname – Donny Burks

3. Boychild – Donny Burks

4. Different Drummer – Donny Burks

5. Look Through the Window – Hattie Winston

6. It’s Out Time Now! – Donny Burks

7. Hello World – Donny Burks

8. At the End of the Day – Urylee Leonardos

9. I Want to Live – Donny Burks

10. Manchild – Donny Burks

11. Color Me White – Thommie Bush

12. We’re Gonna Turn on Freedom – Alan Weeks

13. Mother Earth – Glory Van Scott

14. Movin’ – Donny Burks

15. Dream – Marilyn Johnson

16. Black Boy – Donny Burks

17. Burn Baby Burn – Eugene Edward


“For those of you who missed ‘Billy Noname’ during it’s Off-Broadway run, you can partially make up for that loss by digging this righteous and soulful cast album.” – Peter Bailey, Jet Magazine

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Johnny Brandon


William Wellington Mackey


Donny Burks, Alan Weeks, Hattie Winston, Urylee Leonardos




Original Cast Records


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