Betty Grable – More from the Pinup Girl 27 songs


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1. Changing My Tune
2. Aren’t You Kind of Glad We Did
3. Back Bay Polka (But Not in Boston)
4. Waltzing Is Better Sitting Down
5. For You, for Me, for Evermore
6. Burlington Bertie from Bow
7. This Is My Favourite City
8. You Do
9. Tra-La-La-La
10. Medley: There’s Nothing Like a Song, Kokomo, Indiana, Rolling Down Bowling…)
11. Ooh! What I’ll Do (To That Wild Hungarian)
12. The Melody Has to Be Right
13. This Is the Moment
14. There’s Something About Midnight
15. Belles of Gay Paree /Oui, Oui, Marie
16. By the Way
17. What Did I Do?
18. By the Way
19. Belles of Gay Madrid
20. Every Time I Meet You
21. In the Gloaming
22. I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate
23. Honey Man (My Little Lovin’ Honey Man)
24. May I Tempt You with a Big Red Rosy Apple
25. Baby Won’t You Say You Love Me
26. Medley: Joe, Jack, Moe & Mack, I Remember You, Billy
27. Wilhelmina


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