Betty Garrett on Stage, Screen and TV (2 CD-R set)


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34 songs from her career.

  1. The Lady is a Tramp
  2. Ev’rything I’ve Got (Belongs to You)
  3. This Can’t Be Love
  4. Manhattan
  5. My Funny Valentine
  6. There’s a Small Hotel
  7. Way Out West
  8. It Never Entered My Mind
  9. By the Mississinewah
  10. It’s Fate, Baby, It’s Fate
  11. Strictly USA
  12. Take Me Out to the Ball Game (Finale)
  13. Baby, It’s Cold Outside
  14. I Love Those Men
  15. Boca Chica
  16. On the Town
  17. Come Up to My Place
  18. You’re Awful
  19. You Can Count On Me
  20. New York, New York
  21. Why Won’t Cha
  22. Girl of the Moment
  23. My Funny Valentine (1978 Version)
  24. I Think the World of You
  25. If I Knew Now
  26. Isms
  27. I’m In Love With a Soldier Boy
  28. Strictly USA (1985 Version)
  29. A Touch of the Irish
  30. Ghosties and Ghoulis and Things That Go Bump in the Night
  31. No Soap Blues
  32. Charmin’s Lament
  33. I’m Still Here
  34. Fantissimo, The Musical Horse

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