Berlin 1925-1935 – 6 premieres – 26 songs! (Sears & Conner) CD


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Track Listing:

1.Let’s Have Another Cup of Coffee

2.Manhattan Madness

3.Let Me Sing and I’m Happy 

4.Revolt in Cuba*/Not for All the Rice in China

5.Soft Lights and Sweet Music 

6.(Good Times with Hoover) Better Times With Al*

7.Reaching for the Moon

8.When the Folks High Up Do the Mean Low-Down

9.The Little Things in Life

10.Do You Believe Your Eyes

11.If You Believe

12.A Toast to Prohibition

13.Say It Isn’t So/How Deep is the Ocean?

14.My New York

15.Supper Time

16.The Piccolino

17.Lonely Heart

18.I Never Had a Chance

19.It All Belongs to Me 

20.Five O’Clock Tea*

21.Yascha Michaeloffsky’s Melody*

22.Puttin’ On the Ritz

23.Walker Glorified New York* 

24.Jimmy*/It’s a Walk-In With Walker*

* Premiere recording 


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Irving Berlin


Irving Berlin


Benjamin Sears, Bradford Conner




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