Ben Bagley’s Ira Gershwin Revisited – Dearie, Whiting, Goodman,


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Give a Girl a Break ~ Ethel Shutta and Company

It Happens Every Time ~ Charles Rydell

Sunny Disposish ~ Blossom Dearie

In Our United State ~

Margaret Whiting and Danny Meehan

On My Mind the Whole Night Long ~ Mary McCarty

You’d Be Hard to Replace ~ Blossom Dearie

Shoes With Wings On ~ Danny Meehan and Chorus

Applause ~ Charles Rydell and Company

Boy Wanted ~ Margaret Whiting and Mary McCarty

I Don’t Think I’ll Fall in Love Today ~

Blossom Dearie and Charles Rydell

He Hasn’t a Thing Except Me ~ Ethel Shutta

A Rhyme for Angela ~ Charles Rydell

If Love Remains ~ Margaret Whiting

Swing Trot ~ Danny Meehan,

Blossom Dearie, and Company

Don’t Be a Woman If You Can ~ Dody Goodman, Paula Lawrence, KT Sullivan

For the Life of Me ~ Arthur Siegel and KT Sullivan

My Son-in-Law ~

Paula Lawrence and Robert Marks

Where’s the Boy? ~ KT Sullivan

Treasure Girl Medley ~ Paula Lawrence,

Arthur Siegel, KT Sullivan


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