Beggars Holiday (Ellington- Latouche)+Bet Your Life English cast CDR


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From Blue Pear Lp Beghards has Alfred Drake and Broadway cast Bet was only on 78s in UK

Beggar’s Holiday:
1. Inbetween
Performer – Alfred Drake
2. I’ve Got Me
Performer – Alfred Drake
3. Take Love Easy
Performer – Bernice Parks
4. I Wanna Be Bad
Performer – Avon Long
5. When I Walk With You
Performer – Alfred Drake, Jet MacDonald
6. The Scrimmage Of Life
Performer – Alfred Drake
7. Ore From A Gold Mine
Performer – Alfred Drake, Dorothy Johnson
8. Tooth And Claw
Performer – Alfred Drake
9. The Wrong Side Of The Railroad Tracks
Performer – Avon Long, Marie Bryant
10. Brown Penny
Performer – Mildred Smith
11. Lullaby For Junior
Performer – Bernice Parks
12. Inbetween
Performer – Libby Holman

You Bet Your Life: 
13. I Want A Great Big Hunk Of Male
Performer – Julie Wilson
14. Now Is The Moment
Performer – Arthur Askey, Julie Wilson
15. What Care I?
Performer – Sally Ann Howes
16. I Love Being In Love
Performer – Brian Reece
17. Ta, Ever So
Performer – Arthur Askey
18. Eat Drink And Be Merry
Performer – Arthur Askey, Julie Wilson
19. I Love Him As He Is
Performer – Sally Ann Howes
20. All On Account Of A Guy
Performer – Julie Wilson, Sally Ann Howes


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