Band Wagon – Expanded MGM Movie Soundtrack


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1. Main Title (New Sun In The Sky/I Love Louisa/High And Low) – The M-G-M Studio Orchestra
2. By Myself – Fred Astaire
3. Penny Arcade (Shine On Your Shoes Intro) – The M-G-M Studio Orchestra
4. A Shine On Your Shoes – Fred Astaire
5. Oedipus Bridge – Jack Buchanan
6. That’s Entertainment! – Fred Astaire/Jack Buchanan/Nanette Fabray/Oscar Levant
7. Is It All A Dream (La Femme Rouge) – The M-G-M Studio Orchestra
8. Sweet Music (Outtake) – Nanette Fabray/Oscar Levant
9. You Have Everything (Outtake) – The M-G-M Studio Orchestra
10. Got A Bran’ New Suit (Outtake) – Nanette Fabray/Fred Astaire/Oscar Levant
11. Sweet Music (Instrumental) – The M-G-M Studio Orchestra
12. Medley: Carriage In The Park/High And Low – The M-G-M Studio Orchestra
13. Dancing In The Dark – The M-G-M Studio Orchestra
14. Two-Faced Woman (Outtake) – India Adams/Oscar Levant
15. You And The Night And The Music – The M-G-M Studio Orchestra & Chorus
16. The Egg – The M-G-M Studio Orchestra & Chorus
17. Something To Remember You By – The M-G-M Studio Orchestra & Chorus
18. I Love Louisa – Fred Astaire/Nanette Fabray/Oscar Levant & Company
19. New Sun In The Sky – India Adams & Chorus
20. I Guess I’ll Have To Change My Plan – Fred Astaire/Jack Buchanan
21. Louisiana Hayride – Nanette Fabray
22. Triplets – Fred Astaire/Nanette Fabray/Jack Buchanan
23. The Girl Hunt Ballet – Fred Astaire
24. By Myself (Reprise) – Fred Astaire
25. For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow – The M-G-M Studio Chorus
26. That’s Entertainment! (Reprise Finale) – Fred Astaire/India Adams/Nanette Fabray/Jack Buchanan/Oscar Levant
27. Two-Faced Woman (Demo) – Roger Edens
28. That’s Entertainment! (Demo) – Roger Edens/Richard Beavers


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