Annie Lebeaux Performs Rare & Ridiculous Vaudeville Songs (1903-1926)


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1. Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go with Friday on Saturday Night? [From …]

2. If I Knock the “L” out of Kelly (It Would Still Be Kelly to Me)

3. I’m Crazy About My Daddy in a Uniform

4. It Was the Dutch [From the Prince of Pilsen]

5. My Barney Lies Over the Ocean (The Way He Lied to Me)

6. If You Talk in Your Sleep Don’t Mention My Name

7. Under the Anheuser Bush

8. Joan of Arc They Are Calling You

9. I Miss My Swiss [From Chauve Souris]

10. When Francis Dances with Me

11. Cohen Owes Me $97

12. Take Your Girlie to the Movies (If You Can’t Make Love at Home)

13. Won’t You Fondle Me?

14. Heinie Waltzed ‘Round on His Hickory Limb (The Great Hick-SH-SH Song)

15. I Love Me (I’m Wild About Myself) [From Passing Show of 1922]

16. Barcelona

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