Amorous Flea(Bruce Montgomery) cdr 1964 Moliere musical


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Live fro touring castIn Reagan Wisconsin Sheboygan Wisconsin most of off Broadway cast Lew Parker Jack Fletcher Ted Tiller Ann Mitchell

1. Overture
2. Arnolphe’s Plan
3. All About Me
4. Arnolphe’s Return
5. All About Me – All About Him – All About He
6. Horace Finds Arnolphe
7. Learning Love
8. Arnolphe Upbraids Alain and Georgette
9. There Goes a Mad Old Man
10. Arnolphe Interrogates Agnes
11. Dialogue on Dalliance
12. Entr’acte
13. March of the Vigilant Vassals
14. rnolphe Instructs and Tests the Servants and Then Agnes
15. Lessons on Life
16. Horace Updates Arnolphe
17. Man is Man’s Best Friend
18. Agnes Confides in Georgette
19. The Other Side of the Wall
20. Agnes Updates Horace
21. Closeness Begets Closeness
22. Arnolphe Issues Orders
23. Entr’acte
24. Arnolphe with the Servants and with Agnes
25. It’s a Stretchy Day
26. Arnolphe Announces His Wedding Day
27. When Time Takes Your Hand
28. Horace Updates His Enemy
29. The Amorous Flea
30. Horace is Beaten
31. Learning Love (Reprise)
32. Nearing But Not Reaching The End


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