Aloha (Eaton Magoon Jr.) New Zealand cast on CDR


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1. Suffer (Graeme Cleaver, June Barrett)
2. My Sweet Tomorrow (Derek Metzger)
3. Heathen (Dave Noda)
4. This is Someone I Could Love (Aja Kane)
5. No Way in Hell (Derek Metzger, Dave Noda, Kerry Downey)
6. Sometimes It Rains (Maggie Anderson, Elaine Jones)
7. Aloha Lord (Lorie McCormack)
8. House of Grass (Dave Noda)
9. Christianity (Elaine Jones)
10. Fire & Brimstone (Grame Cleaver, June Barrett)
11. I Hear Hawaii (Derek Metzger)
12. Glory Be (June Barrett, Elaine Jones)
13. More Better Go Easy (Elaine Jones)
14. The Eighth Day (Maggie Anderson)
15. Lei of Memories (Elaine Jones)


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