Alice At The Palace (1982) DVDR




Meryl Streep & Debbie Allen

Details: A taped version from the Elizabeth Swados/Joseph Papp New York Shakespeare Festival production, originally entitled “Alice in Concert” and changed to “Alice at the Palace,” for which Swados also composed the score, adapted the book and directed for the stage. Starring Meryl Streep and featuring Debbie Allen and Betty Aberlin, “Alice At The Palace” is an entertaining and shrewdly conceived retelling of the Carroll classics with all of the beloved characters given a unique twist by the witty and charming performances of an accomplished theatrical ensemble.
Meryl Streep (Alice)
Betty Aberlin (Alice’s Sister)
Debbie Allen (Red Queen)
Stuart Baker-Bergen
Richard Cox (Mad Hatter)
Sheila Dabney
Rodney Hudson (Cheshire Cat / Unicorn)
Michael Jeter (Caterpiller / Dormouse)
Charles Lanyer (Lion)
Mark Linn-Baker (March Hare)
Kathy Morath
Deborah Rush (Alice’s Mother)
Directed by: Emile Ardolino


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