A Tree Grows In Brooklyn(Dietz-Schwartz) Shirley Booth cdr


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1. Overture — Orchestra
2. Payday — Johnny Johnston, Ensemble
Mine ’til Monday
3. Make the Man Love Me — Marcia van Dyke, Johnny Johnston
4. I’m Like a New Broom — Johnny Johnston, Ensemble
5. Look Who’s Dancing — Marcia van Dyke, Shirley Booth, Ensemble
6. Love Is the Reason — Shirley Booth, Ensemble
7. If You Haven’t Got a Sweetheart — Delbert Anderson, Ensemble
8. I’ll Buy You a Star — Johnny Johnston, Ensemble
9. That’s How It Goes — Harland Dixon, Patti Milligan, Janet Parker, Ensemble
10. He Had Refinement — Shirley Booth
11. Growing Pains — Johnny Johnston, Nomi Mitty
12. Is That My Prince? — Shirley Booth, Albert Linville
13. Dance — Orchestra
Halloween Interlude
14. Don’t Be Afraid — Johnny Johnston
15. Finale — Dody Heath, Joe Calvan, Billy Parsons, Lou Wills, Jr.


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