A Hard Time to Be Single – Off Broadway Cast


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A musical revue by Brian Gari, composer of the Broadway musical “Late Nite Comic”

Original Cast Recording

Featuring: Larry Victor, Janet Kirker, Angela Warren and Michael McAssey

19 Track Total 

1. Those Who Want The Best

2. I’m At My Best In Love

3. Portfolio Girl

4. Obsessed

5. I Think Too Much Of The Future

6. Sweet Words Don’t Scare My lady

7. Working Woman

8. I Want Your Boyfriend

9. Don’t Give Up Your Key

10. Face To Face

11. Am I Supposed To Be Mad Today?

12. It Had To Happen Somertime

13. Only One Person’s Opinion

14. If Our Songs Still Make It

15. A Hard Time To Be Single

16. Friends For Life

17. Connected Forever

18. Some Things Don’t Have To End

19. A Child Should Live Forever (Theme For The Eddie Cantor Fund for Children With AIDS)

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Brian Gari


Brian Gari


Janet Kirker, Michael McAssey, Larry Victor, Angela Warren




Original Cast Records


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