1776 (1970 London Cast)


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Cd-r of the London production, very rare and must for any fan of 1776. The production did not run a long time,but,after all,the British audience did know the end!


Lewis Fiander, as John Adams, missed the flinty quality of William Daniels justly famous performance but every one in subsequent productions has missed it also. Fiander’s Adams is slightly more agreeable, using a bit of charm rather than blunt force. He did the same when he played Disraeli in ” I and Albert”. His is rapport with Ronald Radd as Franklin and Vivienne Ross as Mrs. A is superb.Cheryl Kennedy is not quite an equal to Betty Buckley in vocal strength but is sweeter. 1776 is a great musical and the production is worth your attention.

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Sherman Edwards


Sherman Edwards


Paul Bacon, Michael N. Brown, Lewis Fiander, David Firth, Ted Gilbert, Richard Huggett, Cheryl Kennedy, David Kernan, Bernard Lloyd, Robert Mill, Terry Mitchell, John Moore, David Morton, Alan Page, John Quentin, Ronald Radd, Vivienne Ross, Tony Steedman, Ritchie Stewart




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