Likes of us (Webber-Rice 1st musical) 2disc CDR Sally Ann Triplett




Disc 1:
1. Introduction
2. Overture
3. Twice In Love Every Day
4. I’m A Very Busy Man
5. Love Is Here
6. Strange and Lovely Song
7. The Likes Of Us
8. How Am I To Know
9. We’ll Get Him
10. This Is My Time
11. Lion-Hearted Land
12. We’ll Get Him (Reprise)
13. Love Is Here
14. A Man On HIs Own
Disc 2:
1. Entr’acte
2. You Can Never Make It Alone
3. Hold a March
4. Will This Last Forever
5. You Won’t Care About Him Anymore
6. Going, Going, Gone!
7. Man of the World
8. Have Another Cup of Tea
9. Strange And Lovely Song (Reprise)
10. The Likes Of Us (Reprise)


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