Child’s Introduction to Orchestra – songs by Alec Wilder-Marshall Barer cdr


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A Child’s Introduction To The Orchestra: And All Its Instruments

Track List:
1 Antoinette The Clarinet
Clarinet – David Oppenheim
2. Knute The Flute
Flute – Edward Powell*
3. Muldoon The Bassoon
Bassoon – Harold Goltzer
4. Bobo The Oboe
Oboe – Mitchell Miller*
5. Crumpet The Trumpet
Trumpet – Harry Freistadt
6. Poobah The Tuba
Tuba – William Bell*
7. Monsieur Forlorn The French Horn
French Horn – John Barrows
8. Mike Malone The Slide Trombone
Trombone – William Bradley*
9. Lucy Lynn The Violin
Violin – George Ockner
10. Mellow Fellow The Cello
Cello – Frank Miller (3)
11. Nola The Viola
Viola – Bernie Ocko
12. Lovelace The Bass
Double Bass – Frank Carroll
13. Peter Percussion
Drums – Terry Snyder
14. Max The Saxophone
Saxophone – Don Hammond
15. Mort The Pianoforte
Piano – Bernie Leighton
16. Lady Harp
Harp – Myer Rosen*
17. The Orchestra: First And Second Movements
18. The Orchestra: Third And Fourth Movements


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