Wenn Männer schwindeln (When Men Fib) (Goetze-Decker) Operetta Archives


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By Walter W. Goetze, Bruno Decker, and Robert Pohl

Walter Wilhelm Goetze (1883 – 1961) is recognized as one of the most inspired and accomplished purveyors of the Berlin school of operetta. When Men Fib, which premiered in Halberstadt, Germany in 1913, was enthusiastically received by the critics and, within a few years, had played in more than 100 German theaters, as well as in Vienna and Amsterdam. The endlessly melodic score supports a libretto that exudes Parisian perfume and verve throughout. Sung in German.

Music by Walter W. Goetze
Lyrics by Bruno Decker and Robert Pohl
Musical Director: Christian Garbosnik
Artistic Director: Daniel Hirschel

Act I
1. Introduktion
Speaker, Georgette, Ernest
2. Kot’lettchen-Terzett
Rose, Ernest, Octave
3. Weiberchen-Duett
Ernest, Larousse
4. Spiel-Duett
Rose, Larousse
5. Entrée Leonie
6. Finale I

Act II
7. Tango-Duett
Rose, Ernest
8. Rache-Duett
Rose, Larousse
9. Schwindel-Duett
Ernest, Rose
10. Walzer-Duett
Leonie, Ernest
11. Scheidungs-Quartett
Rose, Leonie, Ernest, Larousse
12. Reminiszenz
Ernest, Octave
13. Finale II

14. Lumpen-Quartett
Leonie, Rose, Ernest, Larousse
15. Schlußgesang

Bonus Tracks (musik von Walter W. Goetze)

Schwarze Husaren (1931)
16. Für eine schöne Frau
Akrobaten des Glücks (1933)
17. Borge mir ein bisschen Glück
Laura, Karl
18. Mensch, halt Balance

1 CD Total playing time: 65 min.


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