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Title: Urinetown The Musical
Musical by: Greg Kotis
Date: August, 2020
Location: Act Theatre, Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Language: English
Quality: Great video and sound.
Duration: 1 hour, 58 minutes
Details: In a futuristic world, people must pay for the privilege to urinate. Heroic Bobby Strong leads the fight against this practice in a musical comedy that spoofs musical comedy — and musical drama. It satirizes the legal system, capitalism, social irresponsibility, populism, bureaucracy, corporate mismanagement, and municipal politics.

Caldwell B. Cladwell – Greg Vander Wal
Josephine Strong – Casey Kauffman
Old Man Strong/Hot Blades Harry – Royce Garrison
Bobby Strong – Jon Hancock
Hope Cladwell – Maggie Butler
Officer Lockstock – Joey Lay
Officer Barrel – Matt Cornelson
Mr. McQueen – Warner House
Senator Fipp – Joseph Cox
Little Sally – Margaret Carr
Soupy Sou/Cladwell’s Secretary – Raven Chareal
Little Becky Two Shoes – Marie Nearing
Dr. Billeaux/Tiny Tom (Tina) – Rachel Pickering
Penelope Pennywise – Danielle Molina
UGC Associate/ Mrs Millennium- Hallie Grace Hamner
UGC Associate/ Robby the Stockfish – Sydney Galloway


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