Two’s Company (Duke-Nash) Betty Davis


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1. Overture — Orchestra
2. Theatre Is a Lady — Peter Kelley, Ensemble
3. Turn Me Loose on Broadway — Bette Davis
4. It Just Occurred to Me — Peter Kelley, Deborah Remsen, Ensemble
5. A Man’s Home — Hiram Sherman
6. Roundabout — Ellen Hanley
7. Roll Along, Sadie — Bette Davis, Hiram Sherman, Ensemble
8. Out of the Clear Blue Sky — Peter Kelley, Sue Hight
9. Esther — David Burns
10. Haunted Hot Spot — Ellen Hanley
11. Purple Rose — Bette Davis, Hiram Sherman, Ensemble
12. Just Like a Man — Bette Davis
13. Finale — Bette Davis, Two’s Company Ensemble


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