Two’s Company, Original Broadway Cast starring Bette Davis (+ bonus tracks)


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Two’s Company was probably the most anticipated Broadway show of 1952. The reason was simple; the star was the one and only Bette Davis! For 90 performances Miss Davis packed them in and entertained as best as she could until she got ill and without it’s “star attraction” Two’s Company was forced to close.

However this curiosity of a show was recorded and now appears on CD for the first time. Although Miss Davis gave it her best shot she was never a singer and songs that required trained singing voices were given to the supporting cast who do an excellent job. There are some good songs and the show achieved one Tony award, that for Hiram Sherman as outstanding supporting musical actor.

Sepia has re-mastered the recording and most of the bonus tracks are performed by the composer of Two’s Company, Vernon Duke, whose better known songs April in Paris and Autumn in New York, are both included here.

1. Overture – Orchestra
2. Theatre Is A Lady – Bill Callahan
3. Turn Me Loose On Broadway – Bette Davis
4. It Just Occurred To Me – Peter Kelley & Deborah Remsen
5. A Man’s Home – Hiram Sherman6. Roundabout – Ellen Hanley
7. Roll Along, Sadie – Bette Davis & Hiram Sherman
8. Out Of The Clear Blue Sky – Peter Kelley & Sue Hight
9. Esther – David Burns
10. Haunted Hot Spot – Ellen Hanley
11. Purple Rose – Bette Davis & Hiram Sherman
12. Just Like A Man – Bette Davis
13. Finale – Bette Davis and The Company
14. I Like The Likes Of You / What Is There To Say / I Can’t Get Started With You / Who’s To Blame – Dorothy Richards
15. Cabin In The Sky / Honey In The Honeycomb / Taking A Chance On Love / The Love I Longed For – Dorothy Richards
16. Out Of The Clear Blue Sky / Roundabout / Autumn In New York / Island In The West Indies – Dorothy Richards
17. Introduction – April In Paris / Rendezvous Sans Addresse / Summer Is A-Comin’ In / La Musique Avant Toutes Choses / April In Paris – Huguette Ferly
18. I Can’t Get Started – Nancy Walker
19. I’m Gonna Ring The Bell Tonight – Jack Smith


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