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This recording is a compilation of numbers that were featured in the show over the years that it ran. As was true of many musicals of the time, the songs bore little connection to the plot and changed based on the performers that came and went, the popular songs of the day, even current events.

1. Wizard of Oz—Selection (Arthur Pryor’s Band)

2. The Bullfrog and the Coon (Ada Jones)

3. Pocahontas (Edward M. Favor)

4. Daisy Donohue (Harry Tally)

5. Down on the Brandywine (Collins & Harlan)

6. Come Take a Skate with Me Sung (Collins & Harlan)

7. I Love You All the Time (Harry Macdonough)

8. The Moon Has His Eyes on You (Ada Jones)

9. When You Love, Love, Love (Thomas E. Whitbred)

10. When We Get What’s a-Comin’ to Us

11. Mister Dooley Sung (Edward M. Favor)

12. Julie Dooley (J. W. Myers)

13. Meet Me Down at the Corner (Jones & Spencer)

14. Budweiser’s a Friend of Mine (Billy Murray)

15. There’s a Lot of Things You Never Learn at School (Bob Roberts)

16. Under a Panama (Billy Murray)

17. Good Bye Fedora (Collins & Harlan)

18. Sitting Bull (Collins & Harlan)

19. I Love Only One Girl in this Wide Wide World (Harry Macdonough)

20. Sammy (Harry Macdonough)

21. The Tale of a Stroll (Morgan & Stanley)

22. Can’t You See I’m Lonely? (Ada Jones)

23. Are You Sincere? (Byron G. Harlan)

24. Hurrah for Baffin’s Bay (Collins & Harlan)

25. Football (Dan W. Quinn)

26. I’d Like to Go Halves in That (Burt Shepard)

27. Rejoice!—The Wizard is No Longer King

28. The Traveler and the Pie

29. Must You? (Dan W. Quinn)

30. That’s Where She Sits All Day (Dan W. Quinn)

31. The Sweetest Girl in Dixie (Henry Burr)

32. Scarecrow Laugh (Fred Stone)

Disc: 2

1. Sammy Mira (Music Box Disc)

2. Must You? (Mira Music Box Disc)

3. Opening Prayer

4. Phantom Patrol

5. Just a Simple Girl from the Prairie

6. Poppy Song

7. Love is Love

8. When We Get What’s A-Comin’ to Us

9. The Traveler and the Pie

10. When You Love, Love, Love

11. Rejoice! The Wizard is No Longer King

12. Phantom Patrol (Aeolian Piano Roll)

13. My Little Maid of Oz Aeolian Piano Roll

14. The Tik-Tok Man of Oz—Selection (Rythmodik Piano Roll)

15. The Tik-Tok Man of Oz—Selection (Piano Roll)

16. Ask the Flowers to Tell You (Macdonough & Dunlap)

17. My Beautiful Dream Girl (John Barnes Wells)

18. My Pretty Little Piece of Dresden China (Bessie Wynn)

19. Gay Paree (Montgomery & Stone)

20. Travel Travel Little Star (Montgomery & Stone)

21. A Scotch Moriah (Montgomery & Stone)

22. Hurrah for Baffin’s Bay (Dan W. Quinn)

23. Daisy Donohue (Trombone Solo by Arthur Pryor)

24. Mr. Dooley—Medley (Xylophone Solo J. Frank Hopkins)

25. Down on the Brandywine—Medley (Edison Military Band)

26. The Bullfrog and the Coon—Medley (Six Brown Brothers)

27. I’ll Take You Back to Italy (Ada Jones & Billy Murray)

28. Father Goose Songs (Sallie Osbourne)

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Paul Tietjens


L. Frank Baum


Arthur Hill, Grace Kimball, Anna Laughlin, David Montgomery, Fred Stone, Bessie Wynn




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