The Faggot (Al Carmines) Off-Broadway 1973 on CDR


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Judson church cast

1. Women with Women / Men with Men — Company
2. A Five-Minute Opera — David Pursley, Bill Reynolds
3. I’ll Take My Fantasy — Tony Clark, David Summers, Company
4. Hari Krishna — Ira Siff, Philip Owens, Bill Reynolds, Bruce Hopkins
5. Desperation — Bruce Hopkins, Essie Borden, Company
6. A Gay Bar Cantata — Marilyn Child, Lou Bullock, Tony Clark, Frank Coppola, Philip Owens, David Pursley, David Summers
7. Nookie Time — Lee Guilliatt, Company
8. Your Way of Loving — David Pursley, Ira Siff
9. Ordinary Things — Lee Guilliatt, Peggy Atkinson
10. Art Song — Julie Kurnitz, Essie Borden, Marilyn Child
11. What Is a Queen? — Philip Owens, Company
12. Everyone Is Different — Lee Guilliatt, David Pursley, Peggy Atkinson, Julie Kurnitz, Ira Siff, Company
13. Women with Women / Men with Men — Company


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