Take the Mountain Down by Marvin Payne and Steven Kapp Perry CD


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“The blue-grass retelling of the Tale of the Prodigal Son by Marvin Payne and Steven Kapp Perry.”

Track List:

1. Publicans & Sinners, Gather ‘Round 2:23
2. A Certain Man Had Two Sons 0:54
3. Better Days 3:48
4. From the Top of Clay’s Prospect 3:06
5. What Will You Give Me For My Mother’s Dreams? 2:14
6. What You Need to Succeed 3:02
7. Lord, Bring My Faith Back From the Dead 3:09
8. There’s Nothin’ I Can’t Do 2:19
9. I’ve Got Just Enough Power to Pray 3:33
10. Funeral Fiddle (Interlude) 0:17
11. There Arose a Mighty Famine 1:47
12. Empty Bottles 3:01
13. Down In the Dumpster Blues 2:56
14. Empty Bottles Fiddle (Interlude) 0:15
15. Take the Mountain Down 2:23
16. Bring a Shirt, a Shave, and Brand-new Shoes 2:15
17. All That I Have is Yours 2:25
18. The Lost Is Found 2:44


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