Sugar Demo (Styne-Merrill), Comedy Demo (Hugo-Weiss), Golden Rainbow Demo (Marks) on CDR


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Sugar 6 songs 2 cut Golden 5 songs comedy 6 songs this closed in Boston

1 The People In My Life
2. Doing it For Sugar
3. Sun On Your Face
4. All You Gotta Do Is Tell Me
5. Nice Ways
6. We Could Be Close

1. Comedy
2. God Bless The Fig Tree – male version
3. Smile, Smile, Smile
4. Open Your Heart
5. God Bless The Fig Tree – female version
6. Comedy

Golden Rainbow:
1. Life’s A Gamble
2. I Gotta Be Me
3. How Could I Be So Wrong?
4. Suddenly You
5. Kid
6. Golden Rainbow


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