Sondheim Book-of-the-Month Club recordings 2 cdrs


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Disc 1:
1. The Worst Pies in London – Joyce Castle [from Sweeney Todd]
2. A Little Priest – Joyce Castle and Timothy Nolen [from Sweeney Todd]
3. Liaisons (Instrumental) – Chamber Ensemble (English Horn solo: Randall Wolfgang) [from A Little Night Music]
4. Anyone Can Whistle – Betsy Joslyn [from Anyone Can Whistle]
5. I Do Like You – Bob Gunton and Timothy Nolen [cut from A Funny Thing Happened…]
6. Me and My Town – Debbie Shapiro with Cris Groenendaal, Bob Gunton and Steven Jacob [from Anyone Can Whistle]
7. Take Me to the World – Mary D’Arcy [from Evening Primrose]
8. Honey (Instrumental) [cut from Merrily We Roll Along]
9. Finishing the Hat – Cris Groenendaal [from Sunday in the Park with George]
10. Johanna (Instrumental) – Chamber Ensemble [from Sweeney Todd]
11. The God-Why-Don’t-You-Love-Me Blues – Bob Gunton with Betsy Joslyn and Debbie Shapiro [from Follies]
12. Losing My Mind – Debbie Shapiro [from Follies]
13. Theme from Stavisky (Instrumental)
14. Too Many Mornings – Cris Groenendaal and Betsy Joslyn [from Follies]
15. Everybody Says Don’t – Timothy Nolen [from Anyone Can Whistle]
16. Not While I’m Around – Steven Jacob [from Sweeney Todd]
17. With So Little to Be Sure Of (Instrumental) – Chamber Ensemble (Flugelhorn solo: Neil Balm) [from Anyone Can Whistle]
Disc 2:
1. Suite of Dances from Pacific Overtures [Advantages / Tamate’s Dance / March to the Treaty House / Someone in a Tree / Pretty Lady / Next]
2. Send in the Clowns – Joyce Castle [from A Little Night Music]
3. Old Friends / Like It Was – Steven Jacob and Debbie Shapiro [from Merrily We Roll Along]
4. You Must Meet My Wife (Instrumental) – Chamber Ensemble (Clarinet solo: Charles Neidich) [from A Little Night Music]
5. Sorry-Grateful – Timothy Nolen [from Company]
6. The Glamorous Life (The Letter Song) – Betsy Joslyn [from A Little Night Music]
7. Fear No More – Timothy Nolen [from The Frogs]
8. Comedy Tonight – Bob Gunton with Joyce Castle, Mary D’Arcy, Cris Groenendaal, Steven Jacob, Betsy Joslyn, Timothy Nolen and Debbie Shapiro [from A Funny Thing Happened…]
9. In Buddy’s Eyes – Betsy Joslyn [from Follies]
10. Goodbye for Now – Mary D’Arcy [from Reds]
11. The Little Things You Do Together – Joyce Castle and Timothy Nolen [from Company]
12. Good Thing Going – Timothy Nolen [from Merrily We Roll Along]
13. It’s a Hit – Cris Groenendaal, Steven Jacob, Betsy Joslyn and Timothy Nolen [from Merrily We Roll Along]


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