Shoestring Revue – Ben Bagley, Bea Arthur, Dody Goodman CDR


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Songs by Harnick etc CDR

1. Man’s Inhumanity to Man
2. Inevitably Me – Kristi Lynes
3. Someone Is Sending Me Flowers – Dody Goodman
4. Roller Derby
5. Garbage – Bea Arthur
6. Paducah
7. Our Garden – Jane Connell
8. Wabash – Danny Carroll
9. Medea in Disneyland – Bea Arthur, , Dody Goodman, ,
10. Entire History of the World in Two Minutes and Thirty-Two Seconds
11. I Bed With the Reader’s Digest
12. Mink Mink Mink – Bea Arthur, Dody Goodman,
13. New to Me – Bea Arthur, Dody Goodman,
14. Couldn’t Be Happier – Bea Arthur
15. Million Window and I – Ann Hampton Callaway
16. Epic or (I’ll Be Glad When You’re Dead You Roskolnikov You) – Dody Goodman,
17. Things Are Going Well Today – Kristi Lynes
18. Three Loves – Danny Carroll
19. Sea Is All Around Us – Bill McCutcheon
20. Fresh and Young


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