Save It For The Stage: The Life Of Reilly DVDr, Live on Stage




Save It For The Stage: The Life Of Reilly
New Conservatory Theater, North Hollywood, California
Quality & Size: Very Good/ Professional (In-House) – 1.27 GB
There are some audio and video issues but the majority of the film can be watched without interruption.
2 hours, 55 minutes

If, in 1940, you had a lobotomized aunt, an institutionalized father, a racist mother, and were the only gay kid on the block, what do you think the odds would be that you’d end up a Tony winner, a staple of television, and a generational icon? Enter “The Life Of Reilly”. The cliché goes that truth is stranger than fiction. In this case, it is also funnier and more heartbreaking. Charles Nelson Reilly, famous for his game show innuendos and “X Files” guest appearances, takes us through his bizarre, star-studded, tragic, hilarious, and ultimately amazing life with a potent blend of tenderness and quick one-liners. “The Life Of Reilly” is an adaptation of Mr. Reilly’s acclaimed one-man show and was photographed for the screen during Mr. Reilly’s final two performances of his play in North Hollywood, California. Starring Charles Nelson Reilly.


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