Rudolph Friml in London 1924-1929 2CDR’s


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Disc 1:
1. Selection from Katinka
2. Hard Boiled Herman
3. Rose Marie
4. The Mounties
5. Indian Love Call
6. Pretty Things
7. Why Shouldn’t We?
8. Totem Tom-Tom
9. The Minuet Of The Minute
10. Door Of My Dreams
11. Cutie
12. I Found A Bud Among The Roses
13. The Blue Kitten Blues
14. Down Paradise Way
15. Summer Is Here
16. A Twelve O’Clock Girl In A Nine O’Clock Town
17. Where The Honeymoon Alone Can See
18. Breakfast In Bed
19. When I Waltz With You
20. I’m Head Over Heels In Love With You
Disc 2:
1. Love For Sale
2. Only a Rose
3. Huguette Waltz
4. Love Me Tonight
5. Gascony
6. My Sword And I
7. March Of The Musketeers
8. Your Eyes
9. Ma Belle
10. One Kiss


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