Promenade (Al Carmines) with Alice Playten and Gilbert Price on CDR


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1. Promenade Theme – Eddie Sauter
2. Unrequited Love – Margot Albert/Carrie Wilson/Alice Playten/Al Settimio
3. Isn’t That Clear? – Glenn Kezer
4. Four – Patricia Routledge/Teddy Green/Marc Jordan
5. Chicken Is He – Florence Tarlow
6. A Flower – Margot Albert
7. The Moment Has Passed – Carrie Wilson
8. The Clothes Make The Man – Sandra Schaeffer/Ty McConnel/Gilbert Price
9. The Cigarette Song – Sandra Schaeffer/Ty McConnell/Gilbert Price
10. Two Little Angels – Shannon Bolin/Ty McConnell/Gilbert Price/Sandra Schaeffer
11. The Passing Of Time – Ty McConnell/Gilbert Price
12. Capricious And Fickle – Alice Playten
13. Crown Me – Sandra Schaeffer/Ty McConnell/Gilbert Price
14. A Poor Man – Ty McConnell/Gilbert Price
15. Little Fool – Michael Davis
16. Listen, I Feel – Sandra Schaeffer
17. I Saw A Man – Shannon Bolin
18. All Is Well In The City – Ty McConnell/Gilbert Price


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