Parade Jerry Herman CDR 1955 Dody Goodman Charles Nelson Riley


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Dody Goodman, Lester James, Fia Karin, Charles Nelson Reilly, Richard Tone

1. Overture — Parade
2. Show Tune — Company
3. Save the Village — Dody Goodman
4. Your Hand in Mine — Lester James, Fia Karin
5. Confession to a Park Avenue Mother — Charles Nelson Riley
6. Two a Day — Richard Tone
7. Just Plain Folks — Charles Nelson Riley
8. The Antique Man — Lester James
9. The Next Time I Love — Fia Karin
10. Your Good Morning — Lester James, Fia Karin
11. Maria in Spats — Dody Goodman
12. Another Candle — Fia Karin
13. Jolly Theatrical Season — Charles Nelson Riley
14. Finale (Parade) — Company


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