Out of this World Cole Porter 1950 Broadway Charlotte Greenwood


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1. Overture — Orchestraz
2. Prologue
I Jupiter, I Rex — William Redfield, George Jongeyans-Gaynes
3. Use Your Imagination — Priscilla Gillette
4. Entrance Of Juno:
Hail, Hail, Hail
I Got Beauty — Ensemble, Charlotte Greenwood
5. Where, Oh, Where? — Barbara Ashley
6. I Am Loved — Priscilla Gillette
7. They Couldn’t Compare to You — William Redfield
8. What Do You Think About Men? — Charlotte Greenwood, Priscilla Gillette, Barbara Ashley
9. I Sleep Easier Now — Charlotte Greenwood
10. Climb up the Mountain — Ensemble, Charlotte Greenwood
11. No Lover (For Me) — Priscilla Gillette
12. Cherry Pies Ought to Be You — William Redfield, Barbara Ashley, David Burns, Charlotte Greenwood
13. Hark To The Songs Of The Night — George Jongeyans-Gaynes
14. Nobody’s Chasing Me — Charlotte Greenwood
15. Finale — Company


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