New Faces of 1956 with Selections from Mrs. Patterson


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Reissue cdr of Stage Door OOP cd Mrs Patterson Ertha Kitt plays with songs plus new faces of 1956 that has 9 songs not of the original rca lp 12

  1. Opening (You’ve Never Seen Me Before) — T.C. Jones
  2. What Does That Dream Mean? — Johnny Haymer, Billie Hayes, Ann Henry, Tiger Haynes, Virginia Martin
  3. One Perfect Moment — Maggie Smith
  4. Tell Her — John Reardon
  5. The Washingtons Are Doin’ Okay — Tiger Haynes
  6. April in Fairbanks — Jane Connell
  7. And He Flipped — Ann Henry
  8. Girls ‘n’ Girls ‘n’ Girls — Inga Swenson, Johnny Laverty, John Reardon, Franca Baldwin, Suzanne Bernard, Virginia Martin
  9. I Could Love Him — Billie Hayes
  10. Hurry — Amru Sani
  11. I’ll Be Seeing You/Isn’t She Lovely? — T.C. Jones
  12. Don’t Wait ‘Til It’s Too Late To See Paris — Suzanne Bernard John Reardon
  13. Rouge — Jane Connell
  14. Scratch My Back — Tiger Haynes, Ann Henry
  15. Boy Most Likely to Succeed — Inga Swenson
  16. Talent — Virginia Martin
  17. La Ronde — Johnny Haymer, Inga Swenson, Bob Shaver, Virginia Martin
  18. The White Witch of Jamaica — John Reardon
  19. The Greatest Invention — Billie Hayes, Johnny Haymer
  20. Mustapha Abdullah Abu Ben Al Raajid — Amru Sani
  21. She’s Got Everything — Johnny Haymer, Johnny Laverty, John Reardon, Bob Shaver, Jimmy Sisco, T.C. Jones



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