Moby Dick (Kaye-Longden) MTI 23 song demo cdr


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1. School Hymn
2. Moby Dick
3. I Live and Breathe
4. In Old Nantucket
5. A Man Happens
6. Ahab’s Homecoming
7. Love Will Always
8. Primative
9. A Sinking Man
10. Jonah Fell
11. Pequod
12. At Sea One Day
13. Building America
14. Moby Dick (Reprise)
15. Deck Dance
Mr. Starbuck
Heave Away
16. Can’t Keep out the Night
17. Whale of a Tale
18. Love Will Always (Reprise)
19. The Rachel
Shadows of the Deep
20. Queequeg’s Premonition
21. Heave Away (Reprise)
22. Ahab’s Death
23. Finale!


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