Marc Blitzstein DVDR The Cradle That Rocked Broadway


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Discussion by Leonard Bernstein John n Housman and Howard Desylva who sings songs he did in 1937 original

From tv1976 1 hour

“The ‘Cradle’ that Rocked Broadway”
Original broadcast date: September 19, 1976

John Houseman and Howard da Silva recall the opening night of The Cradle Will Rock. Blitzstein’s close friend Leonard Bernstein recounts Blitzstein’s importance to him and to American musical theater more generally, capping his recollections with a performance of the song “Zipperfly.” Also: Scenes and music from The Cradle Will Rock, “Airborne” Symphony.

Guests (order of appearance)
Leonard Bernstein
Howard da Silva
John Houseman

Songs performed
Medley from The Cradle Will Rock
“Joe Worker,” partly under monologue
“Freedom of the Press”
“Moll’s Lament”
“The Cradle Will Rock” (da Silva)
“Zipperfly” (Bernstein)


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