Look Who’s Here – a 1960 London Revue Ted Dicks & Others on CDR


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At the Pianos: Ted Dicks and Neville McGrah
Double Bass: Tony Goffe
Percussion: Trevor Harrington
Musical Arrangements by Neville McGrah and Ted Dicks
Devised and Directed by Charles ross

1 Let’s Talk About Me
(Ted Dicks) The Company
2. Gooseberry Tart
(Ted Dicks) Sonia Graham, Nyree Dawn Porter
3. Mischief Makers
(Ted Dicks) Barbara Young, Tony Tanner
4. Damsel In Distress
(Charles Ross) Anna Quayle
5. In Between
(Ted Dicks) Dennis Wood
6. The Champion
(Dick Vasburgh and Barry Took) Tony Tanner, Donald Hewlett
7. Send Off
(Ted Dicks) Barbara Young, Sonia Graham, Dennis Wood, Tony Tanner
8. Numbers
(Ted Dicks) The Company
9. Sentimental Attachment
(Myles Rudge) Donald Hewlett
10. Father’s Tired
(Lyric: Charlotte Mitchell; Music: Ted Dicks)
Barbara Young, Donald Hewlett
11. Christmas Madrigal
(Julian Slade)
Sonia Graham, Nyree Dawn Porter, Tony Tanner, Dennis wood
12. The Flowers
(Anna Quayle) (including THE DREAM by Robin Miller)
Anna Quayle
13. Dish Rag
(Ted Dicks)
Nyree Dawn Porter, Tony Tanner, Dennis Wood, Barbara Young, Sonia Graham, Geoffrey Wright


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