La Cava London cast Lawrence O Keefe first musical 2000


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Larry wrote half of the songs in this midevil musical Quite interesting

1. A Place I Am Proud to Call Mine
2. I Will Hold You
3. Little Girl
4. My Dream Came True – I & II
5. Within These Walls
6. The Bazaar
7. Why Did I Kiss Her?
8. First Kiss
9. Death of Somal
10. A Woman’s Hands
11. The Seduction
12. Vengeance
13. Montage
14. Say Goodbye
15. Berber Dance
16. What Would You Do For Your Child?
17. Theo’s Stars/The Wedding
18. La Cava
19. I Fall With You
20. Here I Am
21. I Stayed Behind & The Battle
22. Finale Ultimio


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